“Girl CHANEL” for VOGUE Magazine. Hair by Tamara Rodríguez.

giovanna_y_gabriella_campagna_girl_chanel_101719801_1300x867 giovanna_y_gabriella_campagna_girl_chanel_200680717_1300x867 giovanna_y_gabriella_campagna_girl_chanel_297835183_1300x867 giovanna_y_gabriella_campagna_girl_chanel_309514399_867x1300 giovanna_y_gabriella_campagna_girl_chanel_324149426_1300x867 giovanna_y_gabriella_campagna_girl_chanel_430184751_1300x867 giovanna_y_gabriella_campagna_girl_chanel_547326041_867x1300 giovanna_y_gabriella_campagna_girl_chanel_548276047_1300x867 giovanna_y_gabriella_campagna_girl_chanel_639584239_1300x867 giovanna_y_gabriella_campagna_girl_chanel_856614656_867x1300 giovanna_y_gabriella_campagna_girl_chanel_913738422_1300x867Editorial : “Girl Chanel” . VOGUE Mexico, February 2015

Models: Giovanna & Gabriella Campagna

Hair: Tamara Rodríguez

Make up: Mayela Vazquez

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“Summer Sporty” for SHUSTRING Fashion Magazine.Hair by Tamara Rodríguez.

Sporty. Hair by Tamara Rodríguez Taleen Dersdepanian2 Taleen Dersdepanian3 Taleen Dersdepanian4 Taleen Dersdepanian5 Taleen Dersdepanian6 Taleen Dersdepanian7Taleen Dersdepanian5Photographer: Taleen Dersdepanian IG @Taleenders
Model: Anastasia @ Ad am Models
Hair: Tamara Rodriguez IG@tamararodmat
Stylist: Elena Caraballo IG @elenacaraballo
Makeup: Lily Morales IG@maquillamelily

Magazine link: http://www.shustringmagazine.com

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“Heart of Glass”. COOLTURE Magazine. Hair by Tamara Rodríguez

Heart of GlassHeart of GlassHeart of GlassHeart of GlassHeart of Glass

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Hair for GLAMOUR Magazine!


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Hair & Makeup for Camille Safiya’s new sinlge “90’s Babies”

Fresh from the oven, here is the Camille Safiya’s new single “90’s Babies”. I love to colaborate as a Hairstylist & MUA with very talented artists! I love her music style!

la foto 4 la foto 2

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Hair for Marco Palou’s new single “Son of Venus”

Nice to colaborate with new amazing artist and singers as Marco Palou doing Hair for his new single “Son of Venus”.

la foto 1 (1) la foto 2 (1) la foto 3 la foto 4 (1)

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SLOW BURN productions is now GET SOME!

Is always fun and a pleasure to be colaborating as a Hair & Make Up Artist with  comedy series! This are the the results:


Take look! 😉

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